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Welcome to Warehousesealer.com which supplies concrete sealers and concrete cleaners for warehouse and factory floors, walls, sidewalks, ramps and parking lots all over the world. Our concrete sealers fall in two different categories which are commonly known as densifiers or hardeners and stain repellent finishes.
Our densifier products are Warehouse Sealer X-1 and Warehouse Sealer X-2 which can be used on warehouse floors and walls to stop hydrostatic water intrusion to remedy damp problems. They also stop concrete dusting, mitigate radon levels, improve stain resistance compared to bare concrete, increase abrasion and crush resistance making the surface less susceptible to damage from heavy traffic. They are applied with a low pressure sprayer or medium nap roller to produce a natural (invisible) non-slip appearance which is guaranteed to last for the life of your concrete. If desired the floor can be burnished with a 2000 rpm machine to produces a low gloss finish which is slip resistant. These concrete sealers are not repellent finishes so any type of topical coating can be applied over the top if required such as epoxies, paints, tiles or laminates.
Our stain repellent sealer is Warehouse Sealer X-3 which is an impregnating silicone polymer that can either be applied alone or on top of Warehouse Sealer X-1 or Warehouse Sealer X-2. This product also leaves a natural(invisible) non slip coating which will repel any liquids that fall onto the surface allowing time for them to be cleaned up without staining the concrete.